Good weekdays for trading & natural gas CHART details

Good weekdays for trading & natural gas CHART details


MONDAY is generally a range bound day in mcx.(crude/Ng may show good move)

TUESDAY also shows little move.

WEDNESDAY – good move starts. CRUDE inventory@ 8 or 9 pm .

THURSDAY- very big move with clarity, NG inventory@8 or 9pm

FRIDAY- BIg move but volatility(sudden reversals)

SATURDAY- not for trading(HALF DAY)


on 17th jun 

It is monday.


If you see NG chart for today,

you can see some particular point of time for sudden moves.




There was a gap up opening.It was more than +0.5% and buyers more than sellers.

till 2.30pm It was tight range.

@2.30pm sudden move of 1.5pt.

then it became range bound again for next 1 hr.

@3.55pm It gave movement of +2pt again.


4 to 6.30pm was in tight range,

@6.30 it gave further positive movement.


NATURAL GAS is a commodity which shows regularly big movements.

But without strict stoploss it is quite risky.

if it goes above 1%,then it will go to further 2-3% easily 2-3 times in a week.

Sometime stoploss doesn’t work, so hedging is the best option to trade in NG.

buy Jun & sell july NG sl 60paisa both side.

If it moves suddenly 2pt any side

then profit is 2pt -0.6pt=1.4pt*1250=2000/- almost in 1 lot hedging.


Timing is most important.

If someone is trading between tight range, then it may hit frequent sl but no good move.

In above NG case 10 to 2.30pm,2.30 to 3.30pm, 4 to 6.30pm are tight range bound timing ,

If you do not know the timing patterns ,then you will enter after the big move,

not before that.


plz write down all the doubts and mail us for clarity.

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