HOW to See MCX/Stock Market Technical Chart & What to See?

HOW to see mcx/stock market technical chart & what to see?

What to see in charts regularly?


1. Trading range in a day, month & year means

how many points difference is there between high & low of that time frame or period?


2. Try to find some repeating patterns?

How long does it take to repeat.


3. See Details of behaviour of movements.

Does it move regular or sudden sharp moves?


4. Does it go downside to touch support before jumping ahead?(FROG LEAP move)


5. What is the corelation between this scrip & sectoral index

and corelation between broad market index like NIFTY/SENSEX/CNX midcap50 or COMDEX.


6. Do you find some narrow and broad ranges of price?

broad range comes after how many narrow ranges?


7. How can you use those ranges practically? Record daily prices and find out the full proof methods

for cash or future or option hedging.


8. See the corelation of 2-3 more scrips from same sectors?


9. Ups & downs of volume with Up and down price & see timing of increasing/decreasing volume.


10. See particular timing pattern in intraday & quarterly moves.

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