We can trade maximum  with minimum risk ,if we learnt to trade with very very small stoploss or micro sl.(it is 0.1-0.2%)

If we are taking 0.2% sl for 5 times  or 0.1% for 10times.then it will be total 1%.


will such small stoploss work for profit?

if  sl hit 7 out of 10times,then calculation will be-

0.1*7=0.7% loss

profit 0.4*3=1.2%, bcoz we have limited the loss, not the profit.

Profit remains always higher.


Bargain first of all for minimum brokerage to your broker.That will support this plan.

See chart from 10am  to 10pm for 3 days.

Observe minutely all the timings of movement and percentage of movements.


When we saw NG chart ,

NG opened in plus,there was a big downfall on last 3 trading days,

today a positive reversal was there.

You can see moves on 10.30am/11.10am/1pm & finally 2.30pm.

before 2.30 pm, it was in plus, but below ATP.


so movement was small in a range.

levels touched in chart were 197/197.5/198/198.5/199.

So, it is 198 @10.30am.

place buying defensive@197.5 sl197.2 tgt may be 198-198.5( more than double of SL)

At 1 pm it made a high 199.2, you sold@198.5 sl198.8 ( SL hit


may sell again@199 sl199.3.This time it went near SL but did not hit & slipped to 197.6.

You could book 1pt out of 1.7 pt move.


On 2.30pm it finally crossed its ATP in sudden sharp move.

If you got 1pt profit, then it is easy to repeat 0.3 sl again.


Chart was showing clear support level @197.6.

suppose you bought@ 197.7 sl197.4 or 198 sl197.7

(you could use multiple buy trade at such level with 0.3 sl –detailed in earlier blogpost)

It crossed ATP 198.4 and touched 199.

It was possible to add 1-2 more lots on such crossover with 30pt sl.

It didn’t came down & touched 200-200.8.


We suggest you the most promising timing as per our observation-

use 0.3 sl 4 time before 2.30dip/4.30pm/6.30pm/7.30pm


You can change this timing according to your observation on trend changing days.

It’s not possible to catch every profitable move, You will definitely miss 50% of this.

But do not repent or react,

even if you are able to catch 50% trade, It will give double than your daily target.


The reason is that you tarde for 5 times, 3 trade will create no profit, no loss or 0.5 loss.

4th trade will give small profit.

1 out of 5 will give you 1.5-3pt straight and target will be done. If you add 1-2 lot on crossover, then profit may be 5-6pt.


बस मौका आने तक जिंदा रहना सीख लो ।

माइक्रो स्टॉप लोस जिंदा रखते  ही है । 

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