MCX Trade of a Whole Day for Understanding

mcx trade of a whole day for understanding


We sent a call to buy silvermic with 150 pt sl.

There was no clear buying, but we sent the call.


Why did we send?

Because there may be a sudden big buying in day time, so a little risk is not bad.

second reason,

Many traders are addicted to trade in all time slot.

If we are not sending  a safe option, they may enter into a risky trade on their own.


We sent a call to sell nikel below 849 low,

because it fell down last 2 days,

& if it doesn’t come up today and breaks the today’s low then it will go downside further



In the morning itself, 

silver mic stoploss hit,

& nikelmini call did not activated till afternoon.


morning calls are not for big profits,

these are the reasons only to observe screen with focus till clarity.


I got calls from our traders of hitting SL.

They were little hopeless in their voice.


They asked for next trade,

but we told them to wait till evening.


I know that clients are not happy when we tell them to wait in cold voice,

but we really want them to learn to digest any stop loss or profit without instant reaction.


In evening,

We sent a hedging call to buy goldm with 40pt sl(-400

to sell 2/3silvermic with150pt sl(-450


silvermic suddenly went down to 44890 from 45150 and goldm sl hit.

Few active traders could book profit and silvermic recovered to 45100 again.


It was the time of frustartion.

If market is testing us, then be calm & wait for right chance.


maximum traders get frustrated, when they get+400 one side and lose 400+brokerage other side in hedging and that is obvious.


This is a risk prone market. all knows that.

You were losing 3000+ in single SL with any other tipper.


If you are losing less than 1000+brokerage with us till clarity,

then don’t worry,

It can be recovered easily.


After 7.30,

within half an hour,

market started to move,

we sent silvermic sell call below44970 support level,

It made low of 44400.(profit+600p in sl150p

we sent Ng buy call@272 sl0.5, 

it made high of 276.8(+4.5p in sl0.5 p

We sent crude sell call,when it crossed below ATP(after maintaining all day time above ATP,that is why we suggest you to wait till evening clarity)

crude made low 5832 from 5860(+30p in sl-6p


Base metals,

generally show moves after 8pm,

nikel went 840 from 849.


But it was the day for energy & bullion,

so base metal were taking breather,especially after big downfall of nikel yesterday.


Our training fellows could make

3 fold profit,

because they could understand the chart and took 2-3 lots with micro stoploss.


When there are real big moves in market, It doesn’t give you time to call us and ask something.

Then understanding got from detail training may give you profit equal to fees of total course in a single day.

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