MCX Trading LESSON – Dollar Made all time high – sudden up move in bullion

mcx trading LESSON

(dollar made all time high-sudden up move in bullion)


Silver & gold were weak in morning,

They came to touch a support level @-0.5%

Then bounced back from there,

At 2pm when dollar made all time high,

It supported all commodity market.especially bullion(gold,silver).


In morning time on 22aug,we are watching a sudden move in one direction,

So we gave  a sell call@12pm in nickel & silver with very mini stop loss (2pt/150pt)

This call was very successful.


Due to dollar upmove on 21 aug

stock market suddenly crashed from +250pt to -250pt.(especially bank sector)


We gave a NG call in morning.It was range bound from 217-217.6.

We gave defensive buying@217 lower end and took SL 216.4 (very next support level seemed in chart) It went without any break to 225.


One can book profit frequently & re enter at every small dip with 0.3 sl

or one can trail the stoploss at next level.

that target achieved @2pm, NG remained rangebound for next 5-6 hrs 223-225.

After a big profit we may focus on other commodities.


We sent a silvermicro sell call with 150pt sl.

That SL hit in sharp upmove.


We can’t send so many calls in one message.It may be risky for a slow or small trader.

So you can buy on crossover(minus to plus or below ATP to above ATP crossover)

Use our smallstoploss method in such a fast movement for only 1-2(300-500/-) times

and book all profits fast.

It will give you self confidence.


Our so many traders are practicing our techniques other than our calls and started making double/tripple profit than us.


In evening when silver was in 51450-51550 range,then we gave clear idea that silver will come to 51200-50800 support level first, than it will go up again.

If silver is +2-2.5% before 3pm and became rangebound,

Then 3pm to 6 pm 70% chances are there to come near ATP or days most touched support level.

You may call us  and we will show you that suport in your own odin chart over the phone.


last call in silver was to buy only above day’s high51400,

High broke after8.30pm and it made new high twice 51680-51780 within 10minutes.

(0.5% more than previous high)

Always think in term of percentage, not in terms of points only.

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