What is NEAT SCREEN ? – National Exchange for Automated Trading – Trading Software

There are many trading software. Main of them are ODIN by finantech & neat/NOW by nse/BOLT (bse)

Customised  software made by all brokers are using these software as mother software.

The trading on National Stock Exchange is done through a software known as NEAT. The NEAT screen consists of various functions to make trading a pleasant experience.

The trader workstation screen of the trading member is divided into the following windows:

(1)Title bar:

 It displays trading system name i.e. NEAT, the trading member name the user id, user type, the date and the current time.

(2) Ticker window: 

The ticker displays information of all trades in the system as and when it take place. The user has the option of selecting the securities that should appear in the ticker.

(3)Tool bar: 

the toolbar has functional buttons which can be used with the mouse for quick access to various functions such as buy order entry, sell order entry, market by price(MBP), previous trades(PT), outstanding order(OO), activity log(AL),order status(OS),market watch(MW),snap quote(SQ),market movement(MM).

(4)Market watch window:

 the ‘market watch’ window is the main area of focus for a trading member.this screen allows continuous monitoring of the securities that are of specific interest to the user.It displays trading information for the selected securities.

(5) Inquiry window:

 this screen enables the user to view information such as market by order (MBO), market by price(MBP), previous trades(PT),outstanding orders(OO), activity log(AL),order status(OS), market movement(MM), market inquiry(MI), net position, online backup, index inquiry, indices broadcast, most active securities and so on.

(6)Snap quote: 

the snap quote feature allows a trading member to get instantaneous market information on any desired security.this is normally used for securities that are not already set in the market watch window.

(7)Order/trade window:

 this window enables the user to enter/modify/cancel orders and to send request for trade cancellation and modification.

(8)Message window:

 this enables the user to view messages broadcast by the exchange such as corporate actions, any market news, auctions related information etc.

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