An Insight Into Various Back Office Reports, Operations and Activities


Sub broker need not to maintain his accounts on his own. Everyone feel fear from lengthy accounts in any business. All these account are maintained by main broker’s software which takes 10minutes of sub broker to see every thing.

This is the only business in where your accounting & documentation is done by big staff whom you are not paying at all.

We are giving the details of a general back office software which may have some variation from one broking firm to another.

One can see reports by entering user id & password in broker’s official 

Website .

Share Accounting-

Management reports

RMS –client funding

-fund summary

-RMS reports

-RMS stock reports

Click fund summary first.

Choose sub broker or client option.

Enter name & fetch details.

RMS report will help you manage bad debt clients who are having debit more than their stock value.

RMS stock reports will show client wise or scrip wise holding. Scrip wise holding will help you to act accordingly during crisis in any particular company stock.


Go to client details and see all the personal details like name, address, mail id or phone number to inform them properly.

Lack of communication & miss information is the basic problem in small level broking in India.


Contract Printing

STT report

Contract notes are printed by HO of every client and sent to subbroker or to clients mail id in didgital format.

STT report is needed on the income tax return filing of clients.

SHARE reports-

Delivery reports

New reports-

  • Settlement summary
  • Turnover Brokerage

Enter settlement number 2015003 to 2015190.Settlement number is made up of year & trading day counting. Example above shows 3rd day to 190th trading day of year2015.

Enter scrip name DLF

Enter party code or date option and submit details.

We can find buy/sell rate of any share, open position (hold quantity) and average rate of that scrip.

Turnover brokerage-

Enter date. Enter sub broker name. Choose date & summary and submit. It will show intraday & delivery brokerage details day to day.


Daily report view-

Enter party code (from & to) and date in all segment party ledger.

We can watch and analyze total business after seeing all these reports regularly. We can know the amount we earned every day. A few business can show this with such clarity.

These 10minutes of back office are most important. You can delegate all your working to terminal operator (dealer) or marketing executive but you can’t avoid these 10 minutes for proper risk management.

Lack of management will not reduce your income but it may create huge losses here which can’t be recovered in next 5-10years.

That’s why broking business is very simple after detail training but very risky without total knowledge of market & broking business.

Even a good trader may not be successful as a good sub broker.

A successful sub broker should be good trader but it’s not essential.That is completely different line of working.

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