Best Futures Trading Strategies (Monthly Plan)

1st week

buy nifty – fut + buy put/ sell nifty fut + buy call 

same in bank nifty.

stock future buy abv high in strong sector (last month loser) 

sell below Low in week sector (last month gainer)

2nd week 

(more focus on options)

Collar strategy

buy nifty future+ buy put + sell call

sell nifty future + buy call + sell put

same in banknifty & monthly gainer/ loser stocks.

3rd week

sell nifty nov + buy nifty dec @ 9.54 or 1.54 pm sl – 6p Tgt 14p

sell banknifty nov + buy banknifty dec @ 9.54 pm or 1.54 pm sl 15pt TGT30pt

keep buy @high + sell @low in Gainer/Loser stock

hedging with SELL call in buying

SELL put with selling & strict stop loss in future.

4rth week 

buy @ high + sell @ low in index future & stock future

book fast in 5 minute only

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