Market keeps changing it’s behaviour from time to time. There is always a time slot when market shows a specific pattern.

now a days,

it is 7.10 to 7.30pm,

It is the time when trader can go for a big volume,

Big profit may be there or may not be,,

ur small stoploss will work,

and that is must to remain alive.


If you learn to remain alive here means you learn to win.

If you are out of market due to only one mistake,

your all knowledge will be useless.


So, what is to be done exactly?

Start watching mcx screen @10pm opening.

watch it again@1.55pm.

then @3.55pm

then @6.30pm

Remember watch only, Do not a single trade.


after 6.30pm, start to see final charts.

there will be confirm support & resistance level,

choose only 1 commodity to buy or sell (according to our parameters

above ATP, more than 0.5%,more buyer, sector positive,entry@7.10pm &

Broke recent resistance in odin chart. 


BUY 1 lot with strict small SL,

after market support confirmation( on breaking of recent high

add more lots, but with very small sl.

To decide right volume, calculate the total loss if all SL will hit.

Suppose you are comfortable with -9000,then 3 big silver with 100pt sl

or 2 big silver with 150pt SL.


If this SL hit you will not react & overtrade for recovery,

just leave for that day. Come next day with more understanding & less fear-greed.


Get ready to book bigger part @ first move.

Do not let all SL hit . Exit early on slight negative move.

It is cheaper to give 3 time brokerage instead of 1 SL hit.


Apply this on micro/mini lots first,watch your gambling pattern hidden inside,control this.if you are successful 7 out of 10days,

then go for 1,2,4 big lots.

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