If you get any call from any tipper, do not stick to the target.

Buy on their advice, but book according to your capacity.

Do not keep waiting till stop loss hit.

You can reduce your position or create hedging to have control in your hands.

BIGGEST TRADING MISTAKE – सबसे बड़ी ट्रेडिंग मिस्टेक्स 

1. टारगेट की पूंछ मत पकड़ो  और स्टॉप लॉस जाने तक सोये न रहो। 

Chances of big profits come once in a week.but keep booking small profits for daily gains.That is the real business.

take 1-1 runs,these will give you the power of sixes & fours.

means book small profits frequently.

Every traditional business earns real profit in 2 month,but we have to maintain business 10months preparing for those 2 real months.

2. दिवाली -आखा तीज साल में एक एक बार आती है ,पर दुकान रोज़ खुलती है। 

many traders says” it’s not my real business, i am doing it as a game only.”

This is very dangerous approach.If you are involved in anything, You should try to learn maximum about that.

A single night without condom may cause AIDS or pregnancy.

3. मेरा ये बिजनेस थोड़े ही है ,मैं तो बस यूँ ही टाइम पास के लिए कर लेता  हूँ। 

How much will I earn daily?

This is the most common question asked by an immature trader and fraud tippers are giving them dreamy profits of 25000 per day.

If you are paying extra 200 daily, then attempt to get back 300 daily first.

If you try & test the services for 1 weak after payment,then go for 1000 to 3000 daily.

4. मै रोज़ का कितना और महीने का क्या प्रॉफिट बना लूँगा ?

Every month, there may be a week,that is totally range bound.You are paying brokerage and gaining no profit at all.

A mature trader passes this time without any big losses.If market is not moving and you are not earning,then it is not your fault.

5. पुरे पुरे हफ्ते या महीने बेकार जाये – ऐसा भी दौर आता है और ट्रेडर को उससे गुजरना ही होगा।

How much maximum I will lose if all SL hit?

Ask this before entering into any trade,Then you will not react in impulse to double your losses.Stop if that negative or positive target reach.

6. सारे स्टॉप लॉस टूटे तो ज्यादा से ज्यादा कितना नुक्सान होगा ?गिनकर ट्रेडिंग प्लान बने और उससे चिपके रहो। आप जीतोगे ही जीतोगे और खूब कमाओगे जीवन भर।

I do not have net connection. I trade over the phone only. I trade with illegal broker, so micro lots are not allowed.

You are not bound to all these reasons.Choice is always yours. You need to spend only 1000/- extra for online odin platform and 500 pm for your net connection.

If you calculate properly, You are losing chances to gain 1000 daily extra and causing loss of 1000/- extra.

I have been trading since last 3 years, so i don’t need any training.

Trading is totally knowledge based business and market is changing it’s behaviour in every six month,

So a 20year experienced trader will get extra profit tommmorow,

If he gets any extra knowledge today.

7. मेरे पास नेट कनेक्शन नहीं है। मैं फ़ोन पर ट्रेड  करता हूँ. डब्बे पर छोटा लॉट नहीं करते। 

 मैं तीन साल से ट्रेड कर रहा हूँ,मुझे ट्रेनिंग की जरुरत नहीं है। बस कॉल चाहिए।  

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