Call – Put & Future Repair Strategy For Beginners

Call – put & future repair.

you bought call of 100 rs. in nifty.

now call is 80 & put is 70 dna to range bound nifty.

keep sl buy abv high in call & put.

& strict stop loss below low to exit loser side.

in case of stock option you saw a bullish sector made option & it went down-

brok a little loss & switch to up coming sector.

say unitech was up so we bought – 22.5 call + 20 put

now if came down to 20 sudenly there was a loss of 30 paisa in combo.

since lost 3 days.

ril come down & new it started reversal.

I bought a call & cept sl buy in put abv high.

call started giving projit – & put not aetirated.on clanity i added 1 move call & booked it early.

ril give me good projit.

recoverd my losses.

now after 2-3 day’s raye umitech call put combo was again there in less price.

after a week or two. when realty sector was on top. i bought – unitech call , kept sl buy abv high in put .

got 1 pt straight in that.

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