Commodity Trading is a Complete Science

One can earn on wheelchair- mcx/stock market online trading

Commodity trading is a complete science. 


we can earn 1000 to 5000 in just 1 hour.

Generally commodity market opens @10am and CLOSES @11.30PM.

But a trader need to be all this time on the screen.

It is a myth only.

Real fact is just opposite.

If someone is trading for limited minutes,he will gain max with minimum risk.

Now a days right time for good movements is from 6.30 to 8.30pm in evening.

Whole day market may move in tight boring range,but after global market opening there are sharp moves.

Suppose we are focussing on 8-9 main commodities in MCX mkt ,then you will get very clear movements in

min.2 commodities.

You just learn to choose right commodity on right day.

start practicing in micro/mini lot with very small stoploss.

Make all your mistakes in beginning.

If you are going thru a long struggle, then you will stay there long.

making hurry is the only reason to fall in the midway.

Taking 6 months to reach 2000 per day earning skill is not late,but very early.

Don’t you think this?

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