Day Trade Repair in Short Term – Short Term Trading Strategies for Beginners

Day trade repair in short term

admit your mistakes & these will go away

 If you are justifying these will penetrate deep down in your personality.


if you bought 1000 shares.

it is going down – sell 400 then 200shares more@low.

if market going down. sell the weakest share and

buy other stock / sector which is going up.

make position in that – with strict stop loss.

still sl hitting – keep a sl cap in mind.

if it touched 1000 or 2000/-

just stop.

wait for next time slot 1.54 – 2.29 pm short term.

sell half quantity – switch to other sector or wait for dip to re enter.

In this way, we are controlling loss in holding and gaining profit in current opportunity.

So the trade got repaired gradually and you can exit from it with profit or cost to cost in harder times.

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