Do Not Cost Average Stockwise but Marketwise + Capitalwise (worst mistake to cause unending loss)

Do not cost average stockwise but marketwise + capitalwise (worst mistake to cause unending loss)


Do not cost average any stock, because you bought at higher levels. 

If any boat is drowning, then what should be done?

Shall  we take some people out of the boat?


shall we make sit some more people in that boat?


If some stock is going weak, then reduce position in that stock

and re invest that money in some better stock at better market level.


Invest more money in different sectors to increase your chances.


Do not carry wrong decision. Mistakes are obvious in ever changing market.

Recognize mistakes and do not repeat those mistakes.


Traders are known to bring dead along to home and to bury alive there only.  

“Murda ko ghar le aate hai aur zinda ko gaad aate hai.”


they hold loss making shares for long time and keep selling profit making share very early.


If you are watching any loss making stock regularly, it will give you a daily depression

and you will buy more shares frequently on higher prices.


If you want best price of anything, learn to ignore that for some time.

Prices come to best level after patience.

Do not frighten to miss chance of buying any stock due to waiting,

If you missed 1 chance, you will get another chance, there are hundreds of stocks,

but if you stuck your capital in bad stock, then you become helpless.

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