GOLDM Hedging  – Bull Riding Story

GOLDM hedging  ( Bullriding Story )


GOLDM  hedging 

(bullriding story)


There was a tight range since last 8 trading days.

many small stoplosses hit.

Number of stoplosses makes all trader hopeless,even amount is not so big.


Today we finally decided to focus on single commodity with hedging.


first of all

We bought aug 2goldm @26600 SL26565(35pt

sold sep 2goldm @26590 SL26620 (stoploss 30pt

it was -700 risk any side.


goldm jumped 30pt up & hit the SL . AT 11.05AM

It was the time to book profit in 1 aug BUY

and to sell 1 sep again with 30pt sl. means selling at 26630 sl26660.


But this movement was very fast.slow traders & traders over phone reacted when Aug goldm came down to 26580

near buying SL of 26565.

We told to sell sep goldm again with 40pt sl.

then GOLDM came down to 26550 .

This low was touched 2-3 times from 12.15pm to 1.55pm.

It hit sl of 26565 in aug buy.

Till this time

loss in 1 lot buy-350

Gain in 1lot sell +300


If you did not book profit in 1 buy lot

then SL-700 gain+350=-350/-


We decided to keep position both side till evening.

So bought GOLDM aug again @26560 sl26520.


finally it jumped @6 pm in evening to 26680,(+130PT

Now it was clearly more than 0.5% .

buyers were double.

2ND JUMP came between 5.55pm &6.05pm. It went to 26840.(+290PT

and came to 26680 after just 10minutes@6.15pm.

touched 26770 again after 1.30 hour@7.45pm.(+90PT


ON 8.15 pm,there was a big reversal.

goldm suddenly came down to 26400.



After booking a big profit,

if you expect further from there,

then open position with hedging only.



3000+1500=4500/- IN 2 CHANCES of goldm only.


NICKELM, LEADM, NG also gave clear move in evening today.

ALL REVERSED from 7.55 to 8.15pm.


We said in earlier article that monday, tuesday are dull rangebound days

and wednesday, thursday shows clear big moves.(crude, Ng inventory respectively)

Friday is ok.

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