Good Short Term Strategy For Better Profits in least time & Risk.

1. Near 52 week high stocks

When you see nse india site- equity stock

 You see nifty/Nifty next50/ Nifty midcap list.

Recently broken high are in dark green 

Just note down those stocks from these 3 list.

Then see if nifty 1 m 3m chart if it’s supporting.

 Keep these shares in mind.

Then you can see sectors According to sectors.

 We can make can/put combo For 3-4 days Or b t s t in call/put(we discussed this in next video)

Just see a combo situation a stock near 52 wk high but down in last 30 days(this is safe & promising) 

Accumulate these stocks in 1/2/3times quantity in forthcoming big dips.

See MF holding to select better quality stock.It  will give better profits in least time & risk.

2. Bulk deal by mutual funds

3. Volume increase price rise

4. Recovery from intraday low

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