HOW to create Commodity mcx market watch?

HOW to create Commodity mcx market watch?

1. List this series & next series for all mini lots mainly of 9 commodities.

2. We can keep a gap between lines and big font size here due to less scrips.

3. Choose scrips more than 0.5%,place them on upper half & lower half may be used for 2 chrts in lower 2quarters if single screen is there.

4. It is better to have separate screen for charts only.4charts in 4quarters.

Maximize any chart to full screen if it is breaking some support/resistance to see more detail levels.

1. Buy defensive near support level after seeing chart.
Keep booking part profit while price going upside with trailing stop loss
But  do not trail sl after second wave.
Then sell at jump and keep stoploss buy at high.

2. Abhimanyu complex
Every one knows to enter but few knows to exit.
Forget where had you bought.
Just see where it can go.
if you sold at little loss and it goes up again after this.then it is very painful.but that small loss can be recovered easily in new rally.
If you are waiting for recovery and loss grows from 1000 to 3000 in last 3hrs then it is highly de may start blame yourself for hrs.
So don’t wait longer.

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