How to Trade If You have only 30 sec or 1 min to decide trade volume or Stoploss?

You should be knowing all these already,but it should be tip of the toungue to take decision in running market. We may have only 30sec or 1min to decide trade volume or stoploss. A trader should be flexible in volume according to market clarity.
Right trader may go for 5goldguinea(40gm) sometime for test trade(to confirm direction of scrip) and he may go for 2-3 big lot sometime.

silver 30kg 1pt= 30rs 100pt =3000/-

silverm(5kg)  100pt =500/-
silvermic (1kg) 100pt=100/-
gold(1kg) 100pt=10,000/-
goldm(100g) 100pt=1000/-
goldguinea (8gm) 100pt=100/-
goldpetal(1gm) 100pt=100/-
copper(1mt) 1pt=1000/-
copperm(250kg) 1pt=250/-
nickel 1pt=250/-
nickelm 1pt=100/-
crude 1bbl 10pt=1000/-
nat gas 1pt=1250/-
mentha oil 1pt=360/-
lead 1pt=5000/-
leadm 1pt=1000/-
zinc/zincmini & aluminium =same as lead
soyabean 10pt=1000/-
chana 10pt=1000/-

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