Observe 3 Month Stock Options to Earn Lifelong in Option Trading in Stock Market?

What will be maximum?


Observe 3 month stock options to earn lifelong

in option trading in stock market?


Options need very less capital but it need huge knowledge.

that knowledge should not be mere theoritical,

we suggest you to observe date wise some of the stock option for whole month.

3 months are more better.


that will give you total idea of options.

choose 2 gaining stocks from 2 short term gaining sector.

& 2 losing stock from weak sector in short term.


make a combination on paper of all 4 stock options & keep record with nifty & sensex.

for first 15 days,there will be more gains,

these gain will reduce in second half of the month,bcoz  time decay will be more in options.


these simple practice may give you path to lacs of rupees in your trading future.

just try this once & see the magic.

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