Role of Currency in MCX Commodity & Stock Market

Role of currency in mcx commodity & stock market


currency plays a big role in all prices of world, but it is clearly visible in case of screen based trading of commodities or stocks.


There may be many theories to co relate gold- silver to US dollar,

but it is good to observe directly.


So put chart of USDINR with chart of crude,gold & copper as well as NIFTY (nse index)

and observe for 10days or40days.

Then confirm all the theories as per your real observation.


some export oriented sector or foriegn based service industries,who get their revenue in dollars(i.e. IT sector) goes up, when rupee falls & dollar goes up,

but whole market may be weak in such case.So try to see all the details before reaching any conclusion.


Otherwise you may get whole idea very wrong by seeing few aspects only and rushing to get some comfortable but raw theory.


These co relation may be just opposite for short term & long term angles.




the key to learn anything isĀ 

to just observe,

knowledge will be filtered slowly thru long observation.

You do not need to interfere at all.

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