CLIENT GENERATION FOR STOCK MARKET/MCX SUBBROKER FRANCHISEE – A sub-broker is a person that functions similar to a broker but works as the middle man between two parties; the customer and the main broker. As sub-brokers are not trading members, they can not charge brokerage fees. However, they are given a commission on the total transaction value done by their clients.

  1. Search right broker for sub broking franchisee
  2. Terminal set up
  3. How to reduce cost of set up & running business
  4. Trading softwares -ODIN & NEAT
  5. Offline- Online clients’ trading
  6. Client generation methods 1-2
  7. Client generation methods 3-4
  8. Client handling for big/small clients
  9. Maximise brokerage with client safety
  10. Total risk management
  11. Restructure monthly expenses for more benefit
  12. Annual brokerage model for 10lac
  13. How to use technology
  14. Cultivate big clients
  15. back office details
  16. back office co ordination
  17. NCFM dealar module
  18. ncfm Derivative module
  19. NCFM depository module
  20. Currency module
  21. CO ordinating all segments(nse,cash/FnO,mcx,currency
  22. Stock market cash/intraday regular model
  23. stock cash delivery
  24. How to revive dead clients
  25. Option daily BTST
  26. Future daily BTST
  27. Biggest mistakes by subbrokers
  28. Safe business expansion with multiple offices
  29. Future plan for dull years
  30. Low cost marketing staff

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