1. If any commodity is falling freely since last 2 days , on 3rd day, it jumps up a little and breaks again that day’s low, then biggest downfall will be there. Many trader get trapped in buying without stop loss, bcoz they think that commodity will not go down very much after 2days’ fall.
  2. Same case is applicable after 2 days’ huge buying.
  3. If any commodity is crossing -0.5% to +0.5%. buy it with 0.3% stoploss immediate next dip.On 2nd avg ,silver moved 1200pt from -1.5% to +1.5%.
  4. After breaking any high or low ,commodity may take a breather. so buy/sell in dip.
  5. If there is no dip , buy or sell micro/mini lots( say 2kg silver instead of 5kg )
  6. After 3 days continuous fall, try buying 2-3 times with medium stoploss & medium volume. After 3 days rally, buy with caution on picks with very small stoploss & low volume.
  7. Study all the rules and get ready on moves. No tipper get the time to send the tip in a sudden sharp bounce.
  8. After 2 days clear move ,there will be 2 days’ rangebound movement. So don’t sell anything by guessing pick , or buy in hurry guessing the bottom.
  9. Real big move starts, where maximum traders are already exhausted.
  10. Avoid the commodity having confusing parameter anyday, focus on the commodity which have clear parameter.

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