Top 17 Trading Tricks For Becoming Successful Trader and Recovering Loss

1. Try to buy in red blink & to sell in blue blink always.

2. Keep checking net position of all clients by ALT+f6 within every 10 minutes. Book profit from there directly.

3. Trade huge volumes with limit price only and keep booking part profit.Sell big part first to take control.

Don’t trade big volume with market price order.

4. Keep buying order in dips with very small stop losses in series order strategy.Keep selling them in series as well.

5. Keep strict stop loss on all the trades. Ask the SL always from client and tell them all to have stop loss in half quantity at least.

6. Keep stop loss buying above high in top gainers & stop loss selling in top losers with profit booking order with 0.5%.(trading robot model)

7. If any stock start falling down suddenly, then change the order later, buy/sell it first.

If there is very small gap in order price and current price,then sell by changing order only.

8. Use f3-F3 to keep checking order book & keep deleting all use less orders time to time.

Use shift+F3 to cancel ALL orders daily @3.29pm before market close or in any crisis.

9. Keep experimenting with new strategy with low volume and show it to clients. Your turnover will grow up with safety.

10. Hedging save your clients and double your turnover & brokerage.

11. Sometime dealer stops client from booking profit.It is more necessary to save them from losses instead of more profits.

12. It is good to speak less. Your every word can affect clients sentiment, so don’t speak more than essential.

13. keep buying orders in dips with SL for falling stocks & sell it fast on jumps.

14. Buy strong closing stocks for BTST@3.29pm and sell it on next day on9.16am. keep prior off market order before 9pm if it is possible.

15. Promote each client for 2small trades with strict stoploss.Buy in top gainer & seling in top loser.

16. If internet speed is slow then buy or sell 1-1 stock and check current price first before big trade.It happens generally in odin diet.

17. keep stop loss buying in top 6gainers just before circuit filter from volume increase price rise screener.If 2of them got activated & remains on upper circuit till close, it will open gap up(3-6%) next day.

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