Top 7 Ways to Set MARKET WATCH for stock market

MARKET WATCH for stock market

1. For stock market,

See and see top 2gainer & top 2loser from nifty,nifty next 50 ,midcap.List them all daily from 9.30 to 9.40am.

2. Nifty future /bank nifty future may be placed at top.

3. Keep A group stocks only in the market watch so any beginner may not be trapped in low quality stocks.

4. Keep a distance in similar name and similar price stocks,It may lead to mistakes many times.

5. Keep re arranging market watch daily, because it will include new stocks with  news.

6. Include some stocks from main screeners like volume increase price rise, recovery from intraday low and gap up opening.

7. If you can manage another portfolio for options specially then make a new scrip portfolio(market watch) for them. 

Otherwise lower part of the screen may be used for options of top gainer/top loser stocks from nifty/midcap.


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