You can start your trading account with any private broker or bank.

Go to  and search for commodity/stock (national/international mkt)broker in your location.

You just fill inquiry, they will come ur place for further formalities.

You will find a broker, who can courier forms & documents to be signed by you. address/id proof,photographs, bank details, cancelled cheque and pan card will be required.

account opening process will be complete within 7 days.

Then broker will provide a trading software on your computer.

You can trade on your own, if  you are available on trading screen or

you can trade on phone by calling your operator in broker’s office.

ODIN is the most popular trading software used in indian market.

We are explaining some very essential operations here-

Select any commodity or stock,

then press F1 for buy order 

you can enter LIMIT PRICE or MARKET PRICE for buying or selling.

afetr buying put SL by F2- SELL OREDER

for STOPLOSS ,you will have to enter TRIGGER PRICE & LIMIT PRICE.

F2 for SELL order 

PUT STOPLOSS with F1-buy order.


You can change or cancel any pending order from this list.

F5- To see buyers & sellers, open, high ,low ,close & weighted average.

ALT+F6 – to see integerated position

quantity, profit or loss.

We can sell or buy our holding directly from here only.

F8-F8( press 2 times) to see all trades already executed.(pending orders not shown here)

You can list any commodity on screen & form ur own market watch.

You can list index on upper right of screen.

Call us once to discuss the details or any confusion.

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